About those Highland Mint Super Bowl 52 Flip Coins

What are Super Bowl Coins made with?

Since Super Bowl 41 the Highland Mint Super Bowl Two Tone Flip Coins are no longer made with .999 silver. When the price of silver and gold went up, the Highland Mint went to using a silver plating on the two tone flip coins. The other Super Bowl coins they offer use only a base metal as the base for the coin.

To Gold Plate or Not to Gold Plate that is the Question
For Super Bowl 52 only the Highland Mint Two Tone Super Bowl Flip Coins were gold plated. The other gold Super Bowl coins sold by the Highland Mint are now gold flashed, rather than gold plated.

What’s the difference between gold plating and gold flashing?
Gold flash is mainly just for color and is usually from 5 micro” to 10 micro” thick as opposed to go,d plating which usually runs from 12 to 65 micro” thick. Even the way the Super Bowl 2-Tone Flip Coins are being gold plated seems to be less detailed then in previous year. Take a look at the side by side of the Super Bowl 49 two tone flip coin and the Super Bowl 51 two tone flip coin and decide for yourself.


Super Bowl Two Tone Flip Coins
Comparison of Super Bowl 49 & Super Bowl 51The Two Tone Flip Coins